TheAppleBlog’s Live Coverage of the 9/9/09 Apple Event


Tomorrow morning at 10AM PDT Apple will be holding its 9/9/09 Press Event. TheAppleBlog will be there providing you minute-by-minute updates on everything announced.


You can get your live coverage fix via two methods tomorrow.

TheAppleBlog Live — This is the fastest way to get updates and the most interactive. In addition to our own updates (with text and photos), you can send in a comment/thought/observation and if we feel it’s relevant, we’ll post it for the thousands of others reading the updates. Our coverage will start around an hour to an hour and a half before the event begins.

TheAppleBlog Twitter — We’ll be tweeting updates here, so be sure to follow @theappleblog.



Thank you for having updates via twitter because I will be in school and wont be able to wait that long. Thanks again!

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