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Rumored iPod touch With Camera Delayed


Conventional rumor wisdom strongly suggested a new iPod touch with a camera would be unveiled at the Apple Event tomorrow, but multiple sources are now suggesting unspecified issues with the camera may at least delay availability.

AppleInsider is citing “a person with a strong track record in predicting Apple’s upcoming product launches,” who says Apple (s aapl) has “experienced technical problems (bad parts) with the cameras modules.” This source is now uncertain as to whether the new iPod touch expected tomorrow will be on sale in September. seconds that innuendo with its own “reliable source.” That source also suggests production issues associated with the new camera. While there are no specific details, “the problem has been spotted in the first dozen of thousands units produced. Those units have been put aside.”

Bad parts would seem the most likely problem, if there is an issue, at this point. The new iPod touch likely began ramping up production earlier this summer, so design and manufacturing issues would had to have been sorted out. Also, the new iPod touch certainly follows the design of the iPhone, so it’s not as if the camera itself is a new concept for Apple engineers.

Even if production of the iPod touch is delayed, an October release will still be in plenty of time for the Christmas season. However, an October release would give the Zune HD the jump on sales. The media player competitor from Microsoft (s msft) will go on sale Sept. 15, and — barring price cuts by Apple — will be significantly cheaper than the iPod touch, as little as $71 for the 16GB model. Should there be a delay in iPod touch availability, expect Microsoft to attempt to capitalize on that, not that its efforts will matter. The dominance of the iPod touch as the high-end media player of choice isn’t likely to be challenged by the instant gratification of purchasing a Zune HD next week.

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  1. Seriously. My parents got me a new iPod for Christmas and I made them return it so I can wait for this one. My old one just got stolen too so now I’m ipodless :(. I just wish someone could say the exact date or if this production is even factual.

  2. cheyenne

    I’m really hoping it will come out before MAY because that’s when my birthday is. I still have the ipod touch 1G! I got it when it first came out. I feel soooo out of date!!!! my mom might get the itouch with a camera if it comes out in may!!!

  3. Andrew V.

    First of all I’d like to say Apple’s decision on the nano was a good one. This is because it created a foundation from where Apple can create better cameras and improve it’s hardware. As I am using my thumbs to press in these letters on my iTouch I am asking ,how much longer must we wait? This is the question we all want answered! But this question is next to that of life. Frankly I’m getting tired of waiting around as the new Zune HD prances around with it’s only competeter a nano! We not only need a new iTouch, but one that can sufficiently mount a camera. But we must wait, why? The time to crush the competetion is now Jobs!

  4. Yummymuscles

    I just want to know when it comes out becausE I just bought an Itouch and then I heard about this one and I was like ughhhhhhhh and now I want this camera one realllllll badddddddddd

  5. Hellll with this! Why would they make a crappy Nano with a camera instead of making an iTouch with a camera. Their wasting money and once its told that the Nano camera sucks they wont sell. Apple needs to get their head straight because im pissed off! I just want the iTouch with camera, its just better features than the Nano!

  6. Hi,
    Since I have heard about the new iPod touch with camera I have been wanting to find out more, I emailed apple and asked them about any release date for an ipod touch with camera, they have said their is no specific launch date for any new ipod touch except for the new ipod touch 3G which was released on the 9th of september. People have just made rumors up. Apple maybe releasing a new ipod touch with camera and mic in the next year but not any time soon. People might have been crossed wired when Apple said they will be releasing the new nano with cam and video. Yes Apple made a BIG mistake for not adding a cam in the 1st place but maybe that was bcos of the iPhone and it would be too much similarity. However if u visit Apple’s site of Hot News it cleary states all the list of Apple products to be released and already released.

    It says:
    Apple introduces new iPod touch lineup
    9 September 2009

    The new iPod touch starts at just £149, giving you a great iPod, a great pocket computer, and a great gaming device, not to mention access to Apple’s revolutionary App Store with over 75,000 applications. iPod touch features Apple’s revolutionary Multi-Touch user interface, a gorgeous 3.5-inch widescreen glass display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a built-in accelerometer and speaker in an amazingly thin metal design that slips easily into your pocket. Filed under: iPod+iTunes. Read more:

    I suggest that people should buy the NEW iPod touch 3G like I will be hopefully. Its great and endless fun.
    Happy Touching!

    For more info email me at

    • girlllll you are sooo right i mean honestly why can’t people just do what you did and talk to the people who are the ones that ARE releasing it thank you so much for all that information you are AMAZING!!! :]

    • well obviously if you email them and ask them when a new Ipod touch with a camera is coming out, they are obviously not going to tell you! what point of Apple keeping it a secret dont you understand? and if they told you it was coming out, and you go around telling everyone, do you think anyone is going to buy the new Ipod Touch 3G? no.. that is why they are keeping it a secret, and there will be a new Ipod Touch coming out soon, this spring, anytime from now till May, when exactly? i dont no… lol


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    • They problem as stated is most likely because of bad parts, not the software or ipods themselves. Because of apple’s secrecy they wouldn’t say anything about any new ipods coming out, but they would probably be around the same price, since the nano was added in for free…but if it has a mic then it will probably get mabye a $20 boost….it’s how they put out their ipods…will they still try to sell ipods without camera’s? or will they just sell ones with them….only speculation can be made

  8. @ Dhruv

    A lot of people will be asking the same question. But if there was going to be a camera-equipped iTouch soon, you’d think it would have been announced today but with a later delivery date.

    • quite the contrary, you really think apple would say “don’t buy the ipod touches now because in 3 months we’re releasing better ones with cameras!” ? they rack up on sales of these and then on the new ones. People wouldn’t buy the ones they have now and apple will make less money.

  9. No iTouch With Camera released at the event. What my concern is “Is it the right time to buy iTouch or they are soon going to release a new iTouch With camera . N How lame is to put a camera in nano not in iTouch which is costlier n higher model ipod than nano.

  10. They didn’t say a word about the Ipod Touch with a camera at the press release.

    They did cut prices though. The NEW 64GB Itouch is going for $399.

    Nano’s got the camera’s though :D

  11. This is two days before the probable date of release… and I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long while now. Besides, why would they ruin the whole release date just because of a couple thousand. A couple thousand is NOTHING compared to the actual sales. Also, that is why there is something called a genius bar and warrantees.

  12. This is interesting simply because they have obviously done this integration on the iPhone already — although that would align with having a bad camera parts.

    Does this mean the touch will have more capacity, a faster processor, and a better camera than the iPhone?

    • nerdspwn

      cici, what are you saying. if it were not for us nerds you would not have a tv, you would not have a ipod, you would not have a coffie marker, you would not have a car. If it were not for nerds, the smartest and best of the worlds people, you would have nothing, we have more of a life then you and being called a nerd is only a complement and a tribute to those who revolutionize the world

    • lets hope and see what the new ipod will bring . better games will be nice . the apply company would really make money if there was a solor panle ipod that would be so sweet