Adding Ringtones to a Palm Pre Couldn’t Be Easier


“How do I get ringtones on my Palm Pre?” is a question I continue to see, both in email and in comments. It’s actually quite easy thanks to the Palm Pre’s USB Mode. This morning before heading out to the airport, I grabbed an MP3 file of the ringer used by the fictitious CTU in “24” from the web. To get the file on my Pre, I simply connected my Pre to a computer with the USB cable. Doing so offers three options: “Just Charge,” “Media Sync” and “USB Mode.”

I tapped USB Mode, which mounts the Palm Pre like any other external drive, which you can see in the screencap. At that point, it’s nothing more than a quick drop and drag of the MP3 ringtone into the Ringtones folder on my Pre. After ejecting and unmounting the Pre, the new ringtone file appears in the Pre’s “Sounds & Ringtones” app. Just select the new ringtone in the list and you’re done! There’s no need to use a third-party app for this on the Pre and the method is supported on all platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux. Once the webOS 1.2 update hits, there might be a way to accomplish the same thing without a computer involved. I’m hoping that MP3 files can simply be downloaded directly via the browser, much like we’ll be able to do with photos.

By the way —  I don’t use the Media Sync feature to get music from iTunes to my Pre, either. I use the same general USB Mode method as above, but I copy the song folders to the Amazon MP3 folder on my Pre. You might be able to put the audio tracks anywhere you want on the Pre, but I like keeping the MP3 files together for easier management.


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