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Globally, 445M Broadband Subscribers

toptenbroadbandcountriesq22009.gifIf there was any lingering doubt that broadband was the new platform for technology innovation, new data out today from trade group The Broadband Forum should put it to rest for good. The number of broadband subscribers around the world grew to 445 million in the second quarter, led by China, with 93.6 million, followed by the U.S., with 86.2 million. Many of them are using DSL connections to log onto the Internet, the report found.


The data also shows that over the past 12 months, Latin America and Eastern Europe were the fastest-growing broadband regions. Meanwhile Europe has emerged as the hub of IPTV activity, with some 13.6 million IPTV users as of the end of June. France remains the “champion” IPTV country, with more than 7 million subscribers, the Forum said in a press release.

The number of broadband subscribers in Europe now stands at around 135 million. As we’ve noted previously, Europeans get much faster broadband than those of us in the U.S., largely due to competition in the region.


8 Responses to “Globally, 445M Broadband Subscribers”

  1. One contributing factor for the faster rates in Europe could be their shorter local loops. With DSL, this allows higher rates. With fiber, it reduces the cost of installation. And of course, high levels of competition help as well.

  2. Thanks for the info Om.

    Based on this report of significant marketshares of DSL / Cable and the big growth of IPTV, who do you think are the potential BIG winners by tech? by region etc?

    I think that level of results based reporting with your predictions would be more insightful rather than just a read out of the press release.