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Flickr, Late to the iPhone App Party, Now Faces a Crowded Market

iphone-flickrFlickr, the Yahoo (s yhoo)-owned photo-sharing site, has launched a free iPhone application that lets you shoot, upload and share photos and videos directly from the device. Given that it’s the camera of choice for Flickr users, many will find it a welcome addition. But a number of similar apps already available on the iPhone have done a fine job filling the void left by Flickr in the meantime, notably those of social networks.

The iPhone app closely replicates the full Flickr experience, including letting users geo-tag photos before uploading them, and it only took us five quick taps on the iPhone to email a photo to friends. You can’t log directly into the app, however, but are instead directed to the Flickr site via Safari. Still, the cumbersome log-in process was the only major gripe we had with it, so hopefully future versions will address this problem.

But if you’re not plugged into the Flickr community, you may find it easier to share your mobile pics with either the Facebook or MySpace apps. Even TwitPic or TwitterFon work great in a pinch if you’re looking to quickly send out a snap to the folks that follow you on Twitter. Flickr had 26.9 million unique visitors in July, according to web analytics company Compete. But in light of the 65 million people that Facebook alone serves on mobile devices, the photo-sharing site could have a tough time catching up.

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