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Epic Fail: International climate talks taking place in Copenhagen this December are in danger of collapse as a result of the economic recession, complexity of the issues at hand, and “suspicion” between developed and developing countries. — Wall Street Journal

Health Care Tactics Needed for Climate Debate: President Obama included a “scathing attack on the status quo special interests who are trying to block action on health care reform” in his Labor Day speech. “This is precisely what he needs to do on climate change, even though (some of) his advisers are foolishly suggesting otherwise.” — Climate Progress

Innovalight Milestone: Innovalight, which makes solar cells by printing what it calls “silicon ink,” says the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems have verified that its cells can convert 18 percent of sunlight that his them into electricity. — Greentech Media

Smart Meters for Vehicles: Toronto-based Skymeter’s smart metering system uses generate and store data required for financial transactions by vehicles, such as road use, offering a potential alternative to the cameras on every street corner in London or bridge toll collection systems such as FasTrak, used in the San Francisco Bay Area. — Cleantech Group

What Congress Did on Summer Vacation: “While most Americans spent August working, taking Facebook quizzes, or using some of our hard-won vacation days…members of Congress spent the month on recess.” Here’s how blogger Jonathan Hiskes envisions key figures in the climate bill debate spent their time off. — Grist

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