NYMag.com Ramps Up Sports, TV Coverage With Blogs From Leitch, Nussbaum


Credit: NYMag.com

Can’t get enough Will Leitch on sports? Tired of waiting for his emeritus appearances on Gawker’s Deadspin or for a sports piece in New York Mag or on NYMag.com? Not gonna be a problem after tonight, when NYMag adds The Sports Section (not live yet) as a Leitch-led blog focusing on sports commentary and analysis. Nymag.com’s Joe DeLessio will partner with Leitch and others are expected to show up as well. Hints of what’s to come: the adjectives offered to me as descriptions include “obsessive” and “fanatical.” Or as Leitch told paidContent, “If you hated my work for Deadspin, trust me, you’ll hate my work for The Sport Section.” More from Leitch below.

Later this week, NYMag.com adds another blog, Surf from Emily Nussbaum, television critic and editor-at-large for the magazine. [Ed. Note: Surf‘s official launch is Monday.] The magazine has long been known for its critics and columnists but that hasn’t always translated online. This looks like a step in that direction: Nussbaum’s blog will be personal, meant to highlight her voice and complement her work in the mag and on the site. It’s also a step towards more online TV coverage by NYMag.com in coming months. Both blogs launch with sponsors: Capital One Retail Banking for The Sports Section and HBO for Surf.

NYMag.com has kept its number of blogs low so far, emphasizing instead frequency and depth. The four daily blogs are Daily *Intel* (news), The Cut (fashion), Vulture (culture and entertainment), and Grub Street (food and restaurants, now part of a six-city network.)

Leitch will continue writing occasionally for Deadspin, which he says has grown into something “larger and much more immediate” under AJ Daulerio then when he ran it. The Sports Section will be more New York-centric, while that mission-critical coverage of Rick Ankiel and Chris Carpenter
is more Deadspin. Still, Leitch told me, “We won’t limit ourselves.” He’s been writing for the mag and online since joining New York as a contributing editor last year, but wanted to add another dimension: “I felt like I could contribute more but was not interested in doing Deadspin East.” A permanent Midwesterner even after a decade in New York, Leitch just finished an as-yet-untitled book about taking his dad to a three-game Cubs-Cards series at Wrigley Field. Luckily for him (and for NYMag.com), DeLessio, his partner in crime, is from Queens.

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