Do We Need Another Celebrity News Site? iVillage Thinks So, But It's 'Just For Women'


After drumming up attention for its upcoming website overhaul, iVillage wants everyone to know it’s also created a new celebrity news site as part of the revamp. With celeb news one of the few major growth areas for online ad dollars, it’s understandable that iVillage would be tempted to jump into the mix. Since the NBCU-owned women’s site isn’t going to present much competition to the likes of TMZ or Perez Hilton, it is instead taking aim at Microsoft’s Wonderwall, Yahoo’s OMG and AOL’s PopEater. For one thing, the “just for women” concept of a celeb news channel isn’t much of a differentiator; that’s about every other celeb site on the Web.

Aside from that, the main reason for iVillage’s entertainment push is to satisfy one elusive goal: to create cross-promotional benefits by tying NBCU’s broadcast and cable shows to the site. It will get some help on the news side from a range of partners, including the AP, syndicated TV show Access Hollywood, Slate women’s site DoubleX and NBCU sibling TelevisionWithoutPity. Release

WWD: On the other end of sites focusing on celebrities, there are sites being started by stars… Supermodel-turned-talk show host Tyra Banks has created a web-only mag called Tyra: Beauty Inside & Out, which is an offshoot from her best selling book of the same name. Like NBCU’s iVillage effort, Tyra’s mag will also serve to promote her TV shows, America

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