The Latest iVillage Revamp: Can NBCU Get It Right This Time?


Just over two years since its last major revamp, NBC Universal’s iVillage is promising to be more topical, more focused and more user-generated. Although the full redo isn’t being unveiled until this Wednesday, as the NYT reports, the site has been sporting a new logo and lighter, less cluttered homepage since spring. And despite *comScore* stats showing July’s monthly uniques up 23 percent to 21.4 million at iVillage, Lauren Zalaznick, the president of NBCU Women and Lifestyle Entertainment Networks, knows people inside and outside the company are still waiting for the return on the $600 million the GE unit spent to acquire the site in 2006.



The so-called "new" ivillage is a flop. It's "new" editorial is simply recycled tabloid news. Does the world need yet another tabloidy web site?


@DK – the number of uniques reported by the NYT is pretty misleading.

The 21.4mm figure includes the entire network of iVillage sites. only drew 4.6mm uniques in July 2009 according to ComScore US.

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