Interview: NBC's Sab Kanaujia On Free Live Cricket Webcasts And Partnership With Ten Sports

Sab Kanaujia

NBC Universal (NYSE: GE) has entered into a strategic partnership with Ten Sports to launch a sports video portal. For the first time perhaps, cricket crazy Indians from everywhere can enjoy a free live webcast of key cricket matches–a service that was previously available, but behind a paywall. We first reported the story on 26 August.

Free live webcasts kick off with the Sri Lanka Vs New Zealand match tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 from the India-Sri Lanka-New Zealand tri-series.

In an email interview with contentSutra, NBC’s VP of digital product strategy and development, Sab Kanaujia, who will also head this business, talks about the exact arrangement with Ten Sports, changing consumer behaviour and how he believes online video consumption in India is about to take off.

This interview will run in two parts. The first part is after the jump.

The release says NBC will own and operate the site. What


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