Palm webOS 1.2 Leaked, Filmed — Browser is Much Improved


Here in the U.S. it’s the start of our annual Labor Day holiday. Generally, we have an extended weekend with Monday off, but I’m hoping that some folks are still working. In particular, I’m looking at Palm because webOS v1.2 was leaked for a short while last night, per PreCentral. It appears that the leak is plugged and that most Palm Pre owners will have to wait for the official update. Based on a YouTube video that just popped up, I hope we don’t have to wait long — in fact, I’d love to see the update hit over this weekend!

I can’t be sure of everything that’s in the update, but the video demo shows:

  • Zoom animation in the browser
  • A new Edit, Select All menu option
  • Ability to tap and select portions of a web page simply by holding Shift and tapping the screen
  • Tap and hold the Orange button to save a web photo to Pictures or to share it with others
  • Orange button and a link tap offers options to open in a new card, share the link or copy it
  • Tapping a text entry box zooms it — thank goodness, I was getting tired of manually zooming for those!
  • A search feature for email
  • Ability to enable the audio clock alarm even when the ringer switch is off
  • Tasks are sortable by due date and priority
  • App Catalog supports credit card information storage — the beta tag may be coming off the catalog soon
  • Location can be found via GPS or Google Services. Might we see Latitude support coming soon?

While most of the changes appear in the browser, there could be more under the hood that we don’t know about just yet. In any case, I use the browser of my Pre all throughout the day, so I can’t wait to see the anticipated update.



I was excited for this update, only to learn that it also now permits Palm to delete apps remotely, without the user’s consent.

Didn’t they learn from the Amazon Kindle fiasco?

Things like that actually make me yearn harder for those “PDA 2.0” devices, because a pocket computer that is NOT a phone and thus lacks the always-connected aspect makes it much more difficult for them to dictate whatever the heck I want on my device.

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