Earth2Tech Week in Review


The Promise of Algae Fuel Rests on Big Oil: When it comes to making algae fuel cheap enough to produce at a scale on par with petroleum, it’s becoming increasingly clear that big oil will play a fundamental role.

Outta This World: Japan Firms Seek 1GW Solar Station in Space: The idea of capturing sunlight with satellite solar arrays in space and beaming electricity down to Earth has gained fresh legs in recent months, and now Mitsubishi Electric Corp and IHI Corp have agreed to join more than a dozen companies developing technology for a 1-gigawatt solar station in space.

Smart Grid in a Box Courtesy of Foundation Capital: For the smart grid, there’s a certain venture firm that’s invested in enough players to cover the entire length of the smart grid network, which can be mighty attractive in a utility deal.

Eyeing Battery Afterlife, Nissan Holds Tight to LEAF Leasing: Until resale values for electric vehicles and secondary markets for batteries are proven with a few years of real-world performance, financing offers for cars such as the 2010 LEAF electric sedan from Nissan may not reflect their actual value. So Nissan plans to provide the financing for most or all of the LEAF sedans in its initial rollout.

5 Major Risks to Green Building Market Growth: The benefits of designing buildings to use energy, water and other natural resources more efficiently are clear, but that doesn’t mean the industry’s growth is free from risk. A number of hurdles will need to be overcome in the coming years that, if not corrected, could significantly slow the market.

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