MSI Brings Winds of Change With U200 Notebook


msi-wind-u200Feel the breeze? That’s the new Wind notebook from MSI. Yes, I said notebook and not netbook for this Wind, which we first heard about during Computex. The Wind12 U200 is a larger device than the Wind netbook line and doesn’t include an Intel Atom (s intc) under the hood. MSI is taking advantage of the larger 12.1″ display to provide a resolution of 1366×768. The official press release calls the screen a “16:9 HD-ready Glittering Crystal Frameless Screen,” which I take as glossy, since I’ve never seen glittering crystals on a display.

While larger than a netbook, the U200 (full specs here) doesn’t weigh all that much more: 1.3 kilograms with the included 6-cell battery. There’s no information on the actual battery capacity, but MSI touts a run-time of 6.5 hours thanks to the Intel Consumer Ultra Low Voltage platform. If that’s true, that’s essentially the same run-time as my MSI Wind U100 netbook, but with a larger screen and a performance boost. The Intel chipset also allows for a full 4GB of RAM to be used. System memory is shared with the Intel GMA 4500 MHD graphics solution. The standard connectivity and ports are available, including an HDMI out.

LAPTOP Magazine got a brief hands-on back in June and liked both the larger keys and edge-to-edge screen. Their expectation back then was a price range of $499 to $699, but MSI’s official release doesn’t mention price nor availability. I did check my standard online sources here in the U.S., but didn’t find anyone yet selling the U200.


Steve A

So what’s the difference bewteen the two models, and what one is the better performer ???


why can’t you techie fuzzie stop to compare notebooks with netbooks all the time? it’s somehow silly and annoying. and apart fromm a few exceptions does not make sense at all. i’m interested in knowing what a small device like a netbook is good for or a larger one like a notebook or a laptop. i am not interested at all in this ‘why a 12″ should be better than 9″ or 10″ device’. if – i already would have read this in the marketing sheets of the industry in question. so please give only real, substantial information and clearly seperate personal opinions from the rest(even if it’s from laptop mag).

Kevin C. Tofel

“Why can’t you techie fuzzie stop to compare notebooks with netbooks all the time?”

Because that’s what consumers do. ;) We’ve reviewed numerous netbooks and notebooks here over the years and I think we do a fairly decent job at explaining what the devices excel at and what they don’t.

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