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esplogo Text is much more compelling if you illustrate it with a photo. If you don’t have the time, or the skill, to take your own pictures, there are several free stock image libraries available; many WebWorkerDaily posts are illustrated with images from stock.xchng, for example. However, sometimes it’s hard to find exactly the right type of image, and jumping from one online stock library to another can take time. That’s where free meta-search engine Everystockphoto can help.

Everystockphoto searches millions of free stock photos from many different sources, including Flickr, stock.xchng, morgueFile and FreeRange. Enter a search term, and Everystockphoto returns the results in a series of easy-to-navigate thumbnails.

Picture 11

Helpfully, at the bottom left of each thumbnail is an icon that represents the image’s license — mousing over the icon reveals more detail — that lets you see at a glance whether the image is suitable for you. You can also use Advanced Search options to limit your results to images of a certain size or shape, those with a particular license, or from a specified source.

Everystockphoto Advanced Search

Everystockphoto Advanced Search

Clicking on a thumbnail reveals a larger image, together with more information about the photo, including license, image size, the name of the photographer and more. The highest-resolution version of the image is available through the “Full Size” link. If you’re a member of the site, you can also rate, tag and comment on images.

Picture 14Similar to the “lightboxes” found on stock.xchng and other image sites, Everystockphoto enables you to make “collections” of suitable images. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a row of empty boxes — you can drag and drop photos into these boxes to build up collections of suitable images.

Everystockphoto collections

Everystockphoto collections

If you’re looking for an easy way to search for free stock photography, Everystockphoto is highly recommended.

What sites do you use for searching for searching for stock photography?


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