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LogMeIn Ignition Gives You Remote Access From Your iPhone

If you’re an iPhone (s aapl) user who needs remote access to one or multiple computers when you’re on the go, the folks at LogMeIn have a new application that will do the trick: LogMeIn Iginition. The application is actually specifically intended for IT personnel who need to monitor, access and provide support solutions on a remote basis, but it’s accessible and usable for any iPhone user with remote access needs.

You can get LogMeIn Ignition from the iTunes App Store for $29.99 — a bit pricier than most paid iPhone apps. As is true for most of LogMeIn’s applications, you must first have an account at LogMeIn’s web site and download LogMeIn itself, which is free, and which I consider to be the best remote control application for general purposes. You also need to install LogMeIn on any computers that you want to be able to remotely access, which is a quick process.

You can view a video demonstration of LogMeIn Ignition here. A centralized page in LogMeIn Ignition displays all of your accessible PCs and Macs, and it also stores all of the relevant passwords. The page shows you which computers are on and accessible, and which are not. By clicking on a particular computer, you can take control of the desktop, access files, perform diagnostics and more. If you’ve used LogMeIn before, you’ll recognize the process as being very familiar.

Of course, if you carry a laptop or netbook around, they’ll be better platforms for remote access, due to the small screen size of the iPhone. But if you’re away from your laptop and require remote access in a hurry, LogMeIn Ignition could be just what you need.

Let us know what you think of LogMeIn Ignition in the comments.

12 Responses to “LogMeIn Ignition Gives You Remote Access From Your iPhone”

  1. Brian, you ARE being harsh. is http-based and allows me to remote control my home PC through 99% of the firewalls I’ve ever been around (my current employer excepted). It works like a charm.

    Don’t knock what you don’t know. VNC and remote desktops work great but I can’t use them to cross over most firewalls. LogMeIn is FREE for desktops and works like a freaking charm. It has saved my digital bacon hundreds of times.

    Plus I can have any Tom, Diane or Harry create a new LogMeIn free account when they need help (we tech people so often get requests from family and friends), and I can remote-control their systems without them knowing a damned thing.

    You are all bent out of shape and you don’t even know how well it works!

  2. “WORTHLESS!!! :) Why waste money on an application that requires ANOTHER application to be installed on your desktop? ”

    That is EXTREMELY harsh! You have to remember that LogMeIn has a large network of users and Tech Support evangelists. The program, while I question how stable and dependable it can run on an iPhone, is very much worth the money and I am willing to bet that a lot of people who use it think that 30 dollars is a steal!

  3. Ok it will never cease to amaze me how people are willing to pay serious money for something that is already included NATIVE in XP and OSX!!!

    You’re opening up your systems to a 3rd party, people… NOT a good idea!

    This exact same list of features and technology can be implemented at your institution for… get ready for this… FREE!!! Do your research. :P

  4. Wow, LogMeIn really knows how to get ppl mad -) I had to cancel my LMI Rescue subscription because it was just too overpriced, even though it’s probably the most feature-loaded solution out there. I switched to Techinline ( which is literally a fraction of the price (although not as feature-loaded) and is more than enough for me to support my customers. Is LMI ever going to release anything for the SMB market or do the do everything just to solidify coverage?

  5. WORTHLESS!!! :) Why waste money on an application that requires ANOTHER application to be installed on your desktop? That’s one more block between your iPhone and the desktop, thus slower speeds! If you’re going to spend that kind of money, download Jaadu RDP and VNC. RDP for the PC which is completely native and requires no additional software on the PC and VNC for the Mac which is also native! Also… if I read the developer’s description properly… this app also has an annual subscription cost for added features. Again… worthless! Jaadu works perfectly, seamlessly, and has an excellent user interface! Best of all… the connection speed is only limited to your wireless connection. It is also more secure… anything and I mean ANYTHING that goes through an “internet” service is NOT anymore secure than a direct connection. In fact that just adds another breach point and puts your security in the hands of someone you can’t see. :P

    Companies like this are only taking advantage of the end-user ignorance factor when most of this technology can be set up for free and far more secure than they could ever offer!