Cunning Anti-theft Sleeve Disguises Your Laptop As a Newspaper


Picture 10Over on TheAppleBlog, Charles wrote about some cunning laptop sleeves that are designed to foil would-be thieves by disguising your precious computer as an ordinary old newspaper. Both the mitemite sleeve (for MacBook Pros (s aapl)) and the ItaliaCraft Newsprint sleeve (for MacBook Airs) are designed to protect your computer from scratches and should do a reasonable job of fooling the bad guys, although I doubt they would stand up to a close inspection.

However, these sleeves are fairly expensive (around $86 for the mitemite sleeve, or $62 for the ItaliaCraft sleeve, not including international shipping). If you’re concerned about laptop theft, making your own version out of a padded envelope or even some old newspapers could be a cheaper — and more convincing — option.

Do you deter thieves by disguising your laptop while you’re out and about? How?


Greg Martinez

Seriously, this is the most ridiculous thing i have seen, this will not do anything to prevent theft.

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