Make a Facebook Page for Your Small Business


Facebook has two types of pages. The first is Facebook Pages, which allow public figures, businesses, or brands a space to share information, interact with their fans and create an interactive forum on Facebook. The other, Groups, focus less on a person, brand or business and more on a shared interest. Unlike Pages, Groups have a 5000-member limit. Pages can tie in with your account or brand, while Groups stand alone. Facebook Pages tend to work better for businesses while Groups do well for non-profits, interests and causes.

While Pages would seem to be the better option for most businesses, they’re really geared toward well-known brands. In this post, I’m going to explain how a small or one-person business can create an effective Facebook Page.

Setting Up Your Page

If you’re a one-person business, rather than creating Facebook pages for your name, consider setting up a Facebook page for the company, product or service name and add keywords to it. People may be more likely to subscrbe to your Page (become a “fan”) when they see the topic that follows the company name. For example, I’m a one-person business, so instead of creating my Page using my name, I used my official company name of “” I then expanded it to show “ writing and editing.” Using this approach shows what kind of valuable information people will get if they subscribe to my Page. Not all of us have well-known brands like Coca Cola, Twitter or IBM.


Creating a new Facebook page requires picking a category for your Page. There are three main choices: “Local,” “Brand, Product or Organization” or “Artist, Band or Public Figure.” For my Page, I decided that “Local” was out, as all except one of my clients is located outside of Texas. I could have selected “Artist, Band, or Public Figure.” Not because I think I’m a rock star, but because it has a “Writer” subcategory. However, I decided to go with “Brand, Product or Organization” as it has “Communications” and “Professional Service” subcategories, which are a good fit for me. Take a look at the categories and their subcategories to see where you best fit.

Before Opening for Business

Prior to broadcasting that your Facebook Page is open for business, add some valuable content so people will see the benefits of subscribing:

  • Share tips on how to do things faster or more effectively with your product or service.
  • Post how-to videos or screencasts.
  • Announce free upcoming events or webinars.
  • Mention if you or someone from your company will be attending an event for a potential meet up.
  • Import your blog entries.

If you’re not ready for a page or want to become familiar with Facebook Pages, subscribe to some other pages and visit them regularly. See which ones work, and what makes them better than those that don’t work well. As long as you don’t come across as overly promotional, you’ll do fine.

How does your business or brand use Facebook?


Laurie Marcolla

When I respond to a post from a customer, my real name is coming up, not Piggy Paint, which is what I want. I have a personal page but need to change my profile name on the business site so I can get it to work as stated above. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have a user acct and a business page, can i just delete the one and keep the page only?


I am having the same issue as a lot of people. I work for a non-profit organization, and do not want my personal account attached to our Page, for obvious reasons. So I created our Page, but am very limited in my capabilities. I need to add static FBML app to the Page, but cannot unless I have a personal profile attached. Any suggestions? I have thought about using the founder of our organization (long-time deceased) but am afraid of getting in trouble and losing all the work put into it. Not to mention 500+ fans.

Any suggestions?


I just read that you can only create a business account where your personal info is hidden, only if you don’t already have a personal account. They will terminate your accounts is they find out you have more than one. So for all of the people who’ve set up a personal account before finding out how to set up a business account, it seems you’re just out of luck. Why all of the insane restrictions? This is too complicated. I’m sticking with Twitter and blogging for my business until Facebook becomes more business friendly.


I have been researching this question for the last hour and it seems like everyone has this same problem. If you find any solutions, let me know. VERY frustrating!!


I’ve seen the same question about removing personal information from your business accounts or pages but no clear steps on how to do this. I know it can be done as I see businesses all the time with reserved usernames that are not linked to personal accounts, e.g. I reserved the username for my company, set up a business page but under my business URL, my real name is always displayed and not my business name. This is frustrating!

Hillary Caruso

I have a business with two locations, phone numbers, etc. It seems like there shouldn’t be a problem entering two locations under the information page, since there are so many restaurants with more then one location. However, I cannot figure out how to do it! Is it possible??


I originally created a standard Facebook page and that’s where I end up when I log in.
I created a business page and would like to make that the place it goes to when I log in.
If I’m on the business page and I click the “Home”, “Profile” buttons etc… at the top of the page it goes to my original page. I want them to go to the business page.


When I do a search for my business’ fb page i just made (it has 21 fans) i haven’t been able to find it when i do a search for the things i have in my “info” tab. How do i get other people to find my business if i can’t even locate it? Lil’ help?

Frances Tsiolis

Hello, I have a facebook which has my personl name on it and all my family, vacation etc photos on it. I want to create a small business facebook but I don’t want fans I want to invite friends (new unknown people). I am a wedding coordinator thus I want to show off my weddings to new people that may have a future prospect to book their wedding with me. I want to invite people that I don’t know along with brides that have already gotten married with my company. I want this facebook to have my business name Zante Weddings. Is this possible? Where do I log on to start this? Hope you can help.


I have the same problem… i want to add my customers to my small business page but when i add them they get the request from my personal name instead of my business name and have no idea who i am… what do i do?


I am having a problem setting up a Facebook page for my company. It will only allow me to make a page for a business having it linked to my personal Facebook account. So, when I go to “friend” people, it says “Theresa” rather than “GlobalYP”. How do I create a page without having it attached to my personal account?

Mike Hanbery

Theresa, Facebook requires the Facebook Page be anchored to an accountable email, ie a personal account. I believe at one time this may have not been the case, but it now and for what it’s worth I understand the policy and as a user I support it. One of the best ways to begin promoting your Page is to “Suggest to Friends,” which does come from your personal profile but they end up being “fans” of your Page. Does that help?

Frances Tsiolis

Hi Theresa, I think I’m having the same problem as you.
Don’t want fans..want friends. Don’t want my personal name but my business name…I will definitely be spending some money advertising so why can’t this be done? Maybe they should charge us a set fee per year to allow us to do this.


i just set up a page for my buss. on facebook but somehow i created 5 pages. how do i delete the ones i don’t need?

Mike Hanbery

Brandy, just go onto the Page you want to delete, go to “Edit Page.” You’ll see 3 links under your logo, the third of which is “delete page.” If any of the Pages you’re deleting have any “fans,” then before deleting the Page I recommend sending a note to them from the page letting them know you are deleting this Page and attaching a link to the one you’re keeping with a request to “fan” up there.


Someone told me about creating a page for our buss. on fb. Well i did and somehow i created 5 differant ones…LOL! How do i delete them?


when you are on your personal profile…down bottom left of page you will see your application icons. The first icon normally is Ads & Pages…click this and choose the Pages Tab. Any pages you have on facebook will be in here. My un published one is.
Hope this helps


I just made a facebook page for my business, however I navigated away from it prior to making myself a friend of the page. I did it with my personal account and now I can not find it. I did not publish it yet so it is not searchable and I did not make myself a fan so I have NO idea how to find it now.

Has anyone had this problem. What do I do? Did it actually make a page or do I need to start over? Please help me if you can I am really concerned that now I have a page floating out in space and that it won’t let me make another if I try and it is under my business name.

Mike Hanbery

Try going to the bottom of the “Info” page on your personal profile. It should be listed there under “Pages.”



I would like to know how to go about linking my business web page to my business facebook page that I created. I have the “Find us on Facebook” link on my web page but I want when my customers click on this link that it should take them to my Facebook business page. How do I do this!! Please help!!!



I just created a business account for my business with Facebook but, would like to know how to go about uploading images from my business website to my Facebook page. Can someone help me with step by step instructions on getting this done? I checked my competitor’s websites and all of them have the same page display, but mine is not coming out the way theirs are. This is Urgent! Please advise!!!!!!



Hi am having this same exact problem I was setting up my photogrpahy buss page and then I would liek to beable to upload pictures of recent photo shoot but all the uploads are going directly to my personal page…Did you figure it out?


Hi Yammy,
I am having exactly the same problem.
I am unable to post photos to my buisness page.
They go directly to my personal page wall too.

Did you ever find the answer?
kind Regards

Medical Editor

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I need some advice. I have a personal facebook account. old friends, etc..about 70 “friends”. I have a small but growing scientific equipment distribution business called “Scientificgear”. I want to use facebook for the company but don’t necessarily want to mix my business with the personal stuff. If I create a facebook page for “scientificgear” under my personal account won’t it overload everything with business related updates? what should I do?

any help is appreciated.


Paul Keetch

Interesting post on Facebook Pages for small business.

The next key is to market those pages effectively so that you reach your target audience with a simple message that shows the benefit to them to first visiting the page and then becoming a fan or subscribing to it.

This is the same challenge with having a blog, website, LinkedIn or Twitter page (or any offline form of marketing collateral, for that matter).

Here’s how to do that:

1) Know *exactly* who your target audience is

2) Find out what their fears and frustrations are, as well as their hopes for the future

3) Speak to them in language they can understand (ie: words THEY use) about why your solution is the best for them

4) Have an immediate call-to-action so that they take action right away instead of trusting them to remember it for later.



I set up a page for my photography business and upload some photos. But the news feed has my name attached to it instead of Sweetwater Photos. How can I make it display the SP instead of my personal name?


I have the same problem. I started a band page, and it isn’t displaying the bands name. It’s displaying my name.

Get Your Image Write

go to “accounts”, on top right header field of your personal profile, and select “use facebook as page” on the drop down menu. You can then switch your identity. This is a new feature to facebook and now allows you to post likes and links to your business colleagues as your business profile and not your personal profile. About time too!


To find your facebook fan page from your personal account, just click the search bar at the top and start typing the name of your fan page, for example, my business hypothetically is called “XYZ Products”, so I start typing “XYZ” in the search bar and it brings a drop down that shows it. OR you can view your own profile, click the “Info” tab, and WAY down at the bottom it says Pages… scroll through those until you find yours :)

Hugh Hastings

Thanks MamaCakes. Sorry I didn’t write that very clearly: the specific problem I have is that the page is not showing up on Facebook search. No-one else logged in on their own passwords can see it. Only I can, as you rightly say, through the methods above. I really need other folk to be able to view it. Thanks again.

Simon Mackie

It might be that you need to get a certain number of fans for your page before it will show up in search. You need 100 fans to get a vanity URL, for example.


I have the exact same problem. I have setup a business page and it looks “okay” and is published, yet others cannot see it or find it using the search?? Doesn’t seem right that you’d have to have some X number of fans before it is searchable?


Same problem here as well with the page for company not appearing in the FB search results. I’ve looked….and looked on FB and have not been able to find why and how to fix.

Has anyone gotten a definitive answer on the resolution to this issue.

Mike Hanbery

I’ve seen this before. The problem might be that the Page is not published. From the “Edit Page” menu, go to Settings and make sure the “status” of the Page is “published.” If you can’t find the Page via the Search, go to the bottom of the “Info” page on your personal profile. It should be listed there under “Pages.”


Did the suggestions listed help you? I created a page and made it public a couple of days ago. I am not able to see my page in a general Internet search.


I just set up a facebook page for an online store but I can’t seem to find it when I use my personal fb account. Typing the facebook page on the search bar does not seem to work. I know it’s there since I was the one who set it up.

Hugh Hastings

I have the same problem. I set up a Facebook page for a business but I can’t find it now in the search. Did anyone find an answer to this problem for you?


I saw a comment on another site that you need to sign up and become a fan of your page before it will show up in searches. If you have no fans it doesn’t show. No idea why or if it’s true but give it a shot.

Studio OC

go to HOME
on the left side of the page, you’ll see a link to PAGES and ADS.
Click that.


Thanks for the article. We set up our account months ago and are just now beginning to embrace it.


But to create, maintain the page and add some fans you don’t need to pay anything, right?


I am trying to set up my business page on facebook but under the info tab I am only able to enter my location and phone number. Where can I enter a description of the company and my email, website etc.

Mike Hanbery

Caryn, different categories have different parameters. I came across this post searching for a definitive answer as to what the differences are. Can’t find it so far so I may have to research and write it myself. For now, I recommend sending a note to your “fans,” if you’ve launched your Page, telling them that you’re going to delete it and start over. Then rebuild the Page under the category of “Professional Services,” which provides an opportunity to tell your marketing story and value proposition. Good luck.


@Mike. Did you ever write up the differences? I have just discovered that an organisation (bc we’re national) doesn’t get to include it’s address (even though we have a HQ). I’d like to know what other differences I might encounter before promoting the page.


I guess I am too old for this, I need a step by step how to set this up. I am an Insurance Ageny and own my own Agency, Since I am independent many of my companies want me to network with the public via facebook, tweet, etc and I really don’t understand the concept of how and where to do it. I am in the process to start a website in the near future. HELP.


You’re not too old, the face that you are here is proof of that. If you have not gotten any further support, or don’t know what to do, please look me up on facebook. I may be able to give you some help.


I would be willing to help you set up your site, I can show you others that I have created if you are interested feel free to contact me.


I agree Steve. Did you ever get the coaching you need to get your FB business site set up? I need someone to help me, my exasperation setting is set way too low.

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