Bay Area Bridge Closed– Mobile Tech Has Us Covered

I was checking our network sites when I found this interesting piece on NewTeeVee. It covers the Bay Area Bridge closure and points out that the massive construction project is being live streamed. The bridge will be closed for five days and it’s necessary to find another way across the bay. I wasted spent far too much time watching the construction crew in action and when I finally returned to work I had an email arrive from Telenav.

It was very spooky as the email informed me that since I will be in the area next week I should know that the Telenav routing maps have been updated to automatically route customers around the bridge closure. Telenav powers my BFF Sprint Navigation so it has me covered, too. It also powers AT&T Navigator and Alltel Navigation. Now that is a great example of mobile tech put to good use and it also demonstrates a big advantage that these navigation services have over standalone navigation gadgets with fixed maps onboard. They can be updated in emergencies such as this.

How did Telenav know I’ll be in the area next week?  Why, by following jkOnTheRun, of course. :) Or are they listening to my phone calls???

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