Apple Testing Snow Leopard 10.6.1 Update


It has been one week since Snow Leopard’s worldwide launch and, predictably, it appears Apple is already testing its first OS software update. According to a report by AppleInsider, the update has not yet made its way to Apple’s large community of paying developers — the Apple Developer Connection member base — but instead is confined to a small and very select invitation-only group.

Exactly what the update includes is, at this point, entirely speculation. Since Snow Leopard hit the shelves, most of the incompatibility reports we’ve seen crop-up on the ‘net are mired in the muddy waters of third-party software and not Apple’s responsibility.

Apple’s official list of problematic apps remains concise. A far more exhaustive compatibility list is provided by the community-edited

AppleInsider’s Kasper Jade mentions reports of problems with Snow Leopard’s built-in Cicso VPN technology and various complaints of system “bricking” and the spinning wheel of death.

Of course, every major operating system upgrade on every major platform introduces new problems while it resolves old ones. Despite exhaustive testing during development, it’s impossible to emulate every possible permutation of hardware and software configurations in the world. Therefore it’s something of a testament to the quality and craftsmanship of Snow Leopard that we’re not hearing of any (officially confirmed and reproducible) show-stoppers ‘in the wild.’ Sure, it’s early days yet, so anything can happen. But if the only updates we can expect from 10.6.1 include an upgrade for the Flash player plugin and some tweaks to Cisco’s VPN technology, Apple can pat itself on the back for a very big job very well done.

Feel free to add a comment below to tell me I’m completely wrong and explain in detail why Snow Leopard is a disaster because your ancient HP Laser Printer no longer works.