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AOL Seeks Some Branding Help From Leo Burnett

At it prepares to spin off from Time Warner (NYSE: TWX), AOL is putting its name front and center on its products and services again. And to make sure the public is aware of it, AOL is looking to major agency Leo Burnett to help refurbish its image, AdAge reports. The company moved quickly, giving five large and small agencies two weeks to prepare a presentation, AOL COO Kim Partoll told the trade mag. By choosing such a traditional ad agency, AOL is appearing to signal that it’s not interested in a complete reinvention or in promoting anything cutting edge. Instead, it just wants some tweaking, such as a new logo, as the old one is still associated with the dial-up service, which though still valuable, is steadily declining.

In particular, AOL wants to refocus itds AOL Advertising brand — the former Platform-A — as well as its other units, including AOL Media, which houses the content side, such as the Mediaglow brand. It’s not clear why Mediaglow is remaining while Platform-A was jettisoned — both names were employed, in part, to obscure the AOL brand under the old guard — and Leo Burnett might suggest that the name be further downplayed, if not eliminated altogether.