Toshiba Outs Windows CE Touchscreen Tablet for Media, Web

Image Credit: Engadget

Image Credit: Engadget

Oh to be at IFA in Berlin right now. If I was there, I’d be looking at the prototype Toshiba JournE tablet that Engadget peeped. Now when I say “tablet,” I don’t mean “Tablet PC” in the traditional sense. This resistive 7″ touchscreen device is based on Windows CE 6.0, not a desktop computing operating system. However, that doesn’t seem to hurt it for the intended purposes, which you can see on the main screen: browsing with IE, viewing photos both locally and on the web, watching YouTube or stored vids (you can watch Wall-E on your JournE!), catching up on RSS feeds or your friend’s latest Facebook status updates.

I’d put this squarely in the portable media player camp even though it does offer browsing and online capabilities through the Wi-Fi connectivity. While it is light and thin — one pound and 14mm in thickness — it points to the problem often found by converged devices: it’s probably better for digital media than most smartphones of today, but it might not be for other functions. That doesn’t mean for some folks it’s not worth taking the JournE when it arrives next quarter in Europe for around 250 Euros. Now the question becomes: would you prefer the Toshiba JournE  with Windows CE 6.0 or an anticipated ARCHOS device running Android?


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