Sony Reader Touch Edition — Matt Miller’s First Impressions


Image Credit: Mobile Gadgeteer

Image Credit: Mobile Gadgeteer

What’s a geeky e-book addict to do while waiting for Sony to release their Daily Edition device? Buy a Sony Reader Touch Edition, of course! No, it wasn’t me — although I’ve now officially spent more on content than I did on my Kindle 2 purchase back in March. Our podcast co-host, Matt Miller, took delivery of a new Sony PRS-600 yesterday. Of course, I knew that in real time because I was tracking the package on my Pre for him. ;)

Sony’s latest Reader looks more refined than my Kindle (s amzn) and Matt likes how the new Mac support is working. Upon connecting the Reader to his Mac, the Sony software notified him of an update and the proceeded to install it, fixing an issue with memory cards. Matt’s already making use of that touchscreen display and explains what you can do with it:

“If you select Text Memo then you can enter text by tapping away on the soft keyboard. Handwriting memos let you use the stylus to enter a note. There are no pen sizes to switch in the utility. Pressing More takes you to Audio, Pictures, and Settings. Pictures actually look pretty good on the device, but I haven’t tried audio yet.”

While the Sony Reader doesn’t have wireless capability like the new Daily Edition will, Matt doesn’t seem to mind. In conversation about this, he told us that he still has books loaded on his devices from over a year ago that he hasn’t read yet. And the Sprint (s s) coverage in his area was spotty, so he often had to run down the street to download content. I wonder — will Matt add a different exercise to his daily routine since he won’t have to jog around the block for books now?



If Sony would release the annotations updates on the PRS-600 for the PRS-700 I’d let you know…

I’ve kept my PRS-700 around because it still has a better PDF viewer than the Kindle DX. But they’re talking me out of the Daily Edition by not updating the PRS-700. I can just see the Daily Edition getting kicked to the curb too and that isn’t making me too happy to make another round of investment with Sony.


I read that, it is possible to annotate PDF’s. However nobody mentions if the annotations are embedded in thePDF or stored in a device database. Could anybody be kind enough to confirm?

I am using prs-505 and just recently met caliber application which is extremely good at collceting your rss feeds and pushing them to your ebook reader. By the end of owrking day, I just connect the device and in few minutes all the feeds are copied over in epub format.

If annotation feature is implemented properly while preservig the battery life in practice, it would be well worth the upgrade.

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