Nokia N900 Gets Another 15 Minutes of Video Fame


No, we won’t share every Nokia N900 video we find. But when jkk gets his hands on one in his local Nokia shop, you know it’s a must-see. jkk runs through the overall hardware quickly, and then dives right into the Maemo environment. Browsing looks quite good in general, although watching a Flash video on YouTube over Wi-Fi seemed less than optimal in this particular example. I get the impression that the resistive touchscreen is a very light touch, which could win over those that wished for a capacitive display. I also like the little stand that pops out from around the camera lens, which allows the N900 to stand up on its own.

After watching this hands-on first impressions, I’m definitely more intrigued by the N900 than I was before. I don’t need another phone by any means, so it’s highly unlikely that I’ll make a purchase. That doesn’t mean a Maemo device isn’t in my future though. From what I can see, the platform represents the beginning of a potential reinvention for Nokia smartphones. I suspect Symbian will be here for a long time to come, but will be relegated to feature-phones or low-end smartphones. Take a look at the vid and let me know if you’re as intrigued as I am with this new device.

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