Mitsubishi TVs Get Vudu Movies and More

VUDU_Logo (2)Vudu has announced its second deal in as many days to embed its movie service directly into TVs, eliminating the need to purchase a Vudu set-top box. Today’s news that Mitsubishi (s MTU) has started shipping Diamond Unisen models with Vudu’s movie service baked in follows yesterday’s announcement that Vudu will be available on LG TVs.

Consumers who purchase the Mitsubishi TVs will be able to watch more than 16,000 movies (2,200 in HD), including new releases from Hollywood studios. Later this month, viewers will also be able to access web services like YouTube (s GOOG), Flickr (s YHOO) and Pandora along with other web TV channels through Vudu.

It’s the web services that separates Mitsubishi deal from the LG one. On LG TVs, Vudu is just providing its movies and is but one of many choices available through LG’s Netcast Entertainment Access system, which directly pipes in YouTube, Netflix (s NFLX) and more to the broadband-enabled TVs. With Mitsubishi, Vudu is becoming a gateway to some of those services.

Moving away from the set-top box to focus on being embedded directly into devices is a smart move for Vudu, and we can assume more deals like these will follow. The problem for Vudu now becomes one of fighting for mindshare amongst viewers as just another widget alongside Netflix, Amazon (s AMZN) and others.