Anti-Theft MacBook Sleeves Masquerade as Folded Newspapers


Do you disguise your MacBook as a security measure? A couple of computer case makers think it’s an effective strategy.


Mitemite’s Newspaper MacBook Sleeve is a computer bag made from plasticized fabric and designed to thwart computer theft by camouflaging your MacBook Pro as a folded newspaper. The sleeve measures 37.7cm x 27.5cm x 3.4cm and is available masquerading as any of five different newspapers in various languages (including the Herald Tribune in English).


The sleeve incorporates a removable zip/metal chain handle and sells for €60 or roughly $86 plus shipping.

The MiteMite sleeve is getting some competition from a Rome, Italy, based artisan firm called ItaliaCraft which is also offering a newspaper motif sleeve for the MacBook Air.

The custom made ItaliaCraft sleeve is woven in slightly off-white non-bleed cotton/linen blend fabric pre-washed by the craftsperson, with black linen padded backing and double-stitched with high quality German thread and with all inner seams serged flat. No wool is used in order to limit static electricity.


The ItaliaCraft sleeve can also serve as a comfort pad when you’re using the computer on your lap. Free monogramming is also offered.

The price is $62.00 and international flat rate shipping is available for as little as $8.

I expect this ploy might actually work. Nobody steals old newspapers or pays much attention to piles of papers in general. When my daughter was at university, her apartment was broken into and robbed. She lost her digital camera and several other minor valuables, but the most valuable item in the apartment, her then-new white G4 iBook, which happened to be stacked in a pile of papers in plain sight, went unnoticed by the thief, which was cause for a bit of mitigating satisfaction.

Potential flaws in the strategy might be greater risk of misplacing the sleeve with MacBook in situ, or the more horrific possibility of an over-zealous cleaner-upper including the faux newspaper with a pile of real newspapers headed for recycling or the landfill. I think I recall someone reporting something like that happening with one of the early MacBook Airs, and it wasn’t even in a camouflage case — just buried in a pile of papers that got chucked.

Cheaper alternatives, although not as elegant or protective, would be to carry a MacBook Air in a FedEx box or envelope, one of those kraft button & string closure portfolio envelopes, or even a pizza box, although the latter would pose an even greater hazard of being mistaken for actual garbage.

What do you think? Brilliant idea or gimmick?



I do believe I can buy an actual newspaper and some masking tape for less than $86 or even $62…

…meanwhile I STILL carry my Mac around in an old padded (bubble) envelope covered with Gaffer’s tape (think of Duck Tape on steroids – used to secure temporary stage fixtures in theatre and film, and lasts for years).

Looks like crap, and goes anywhere in a tote or briefcase without attracting envious eyes, if a few snobbish or quizzical eyebrows.

(the really odd thing is it’s a 24″ iMac — bada bing! — no not really….. …actually a still works/looks like new 12″ iBook 1.33GHz that meets my travel needs)

..also when I’m out, keep my external hard drives, cameras, other nice bits, etc. in the house in places like my laundry bin, behind my stock of paper towels/toilet paper, at the bottom of papers awaiting recycling, behind a stack of obsolete A/V cables etc. – while the small old safe that could be pried open or actually removed, but which would likely occupy thieves’ time and attention is M-T (I don’t even have the combo anymore)!


Or you could just keep your macbook in a safe place. I don’t think anybody is going to be able to pick pocket your macbook…


Until I could find the sleeve that I liked, I used to carry my MacBook around in a paded envelope. No one thought I was carrying a computer.


Who was it again, someone form Newsweek, that left their Air in amongst a pile of newspapers and the wife tossed them in the recycle bin? Looks like that will be happening more often with these. Maybe they should make sleeves that look like an IBM Thinkpad or something. No one would steal one of those pieces of crap.

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