Pandora On Track For $40 Million Revs This Year; More Premium Options Coming


Credit: Flickr/Thomas Hawk

So says Pandora founder Tim Westergren, in a story in today’s VentureWire about the streaming music company’s growth efforts along with its VC investments. Pandora has raised $64 million since its start nine years ago. No word on whether those revenues will make it profitable this year, though the company has previously said it intends to become one by next year, following a favorable streaming royalties settlement earlier this summer. The story also goes into some details about Pandora’s freemium strategy, and how the previous round VC Crosslink Capital General Partner Jim Feuille helped shaped it, beyond an earlier move to only charge for subs.

Now that it has a big audience online and through its mobile apps — 30 million registered users — is plans to add more subscription options beyond its $36 a year Pandora One service: heavy users beyond 40 hours a month will have to pay 99 cents to keep listening for the rest of the month.



I'm not sure most people would call the recent royalty ruling "favorable" to anyone but SoundExchange.

ed dunn


Not hard to look up over the web. I might be off, it may be 100,000 instead of 10,000. But you threw me off with your metric.

I do not understand why you used the listener/year metric against an advertising revenue model such as terrestrial radio stations.

I feel the listener/year metric should be used against a paid subscription with premium add-on model, such as a XM radio service.

Rockitz LLC

1. They had to discontinue the service in Europe. That's not progress.
2. 30 million registered users equals 3 million actual users if their lucky.

Ed Dunn: your V-103 info doesn't add up. You're saying that they average $4000 per listener/year??? Don't think so.

ed dunn

V-103, an urban radio station here in Atlanta with 10,000 terrestial listeners generate $40 million in revenue annually.

Did someone say Pandora has 30 million registered users? :p

Adam Wexler

they've built a great tribal following, but before this year & the new royalty settlements, when did pandora think they would be able to point to significant revenues?

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