Industry Moves: NBCU's Feher Leaves To Head Conviva


Darren Feher, CTO of NBC Universal (NYSE: GE) since 2003, will get to head his own show as CEO of Conviva — the company NBCU picked earlier this year to provide a platform for managing online video distribution. The move has not been formally announced; Feher posted the news on Facebook. (NBCU confirms. has yet to respond to a query.) West Point alum Feher, who represented NBCU in the multi-year agreement with Conviva, is succeeding cofounder Dr. Hui Zhang as CEO. San Mateo, Calif.-based Conviva has raised $29 million in the last two years from UV Partners, New Enterprise Associates and Foundation Capital.


Mrs. Alexandria

Are you kidding me? Mr. Darren Feher is a successul buisness man with a wonderful family.Everyone at NBCU should be dissapointed Mr. Feher left. And for everyone else who is “bashing” Mr. Feher left and right I am dissapointed in you. He was a faithful collegue.I am happy he left NBCU.


From what I understand, Conviva is not going up against the likes of CDNs like Akamai and Limelight. They offer a SaaS for big media companies who use CDNs like Akamai and Limelight and who need in-depth tracking and analytics to get a better ROI from these services. I believe Conviva initially announced they were going to be a CDN back in 2008, but then realized they had the technology for a SaaS that would prove more valuable to content owners.



That is what I understood from a few years ago; flat out a LOT OF PEOPLE do this specifically Move Networks & Swarmcast to name a few. If their entire model is screwing over the CDNs in terms of their delivery economics then they will find themselves hard pressed to win any accounts.



Without getting into details, it uses others CDN to distribute its content. A thin client is downloaded onto your computer so that the central server can tell other clients where they can get bits of their data (ala P2P). Real time data is also reported since everything is talking centrally.. As far as business model, how you would purchase products, price point, etc I have no clue.

I assume the value you gain is simply the cost savings of bandwidth.. But because of the nature of P2P obviously your content can't be guaranteed unlike Akamai??


Conviva was a sorry company before and now its an even worst place. 3 CEOs, lack of customers, and they canned most of the engineers. Now this. Sounds to me like a last ditch effort to save whatever money they have left. I think they layed off more then half the company including some vp's last year.

Brandon Cahill

Hopefully Conviva has a good backup plan, They could not have found a worst person to run their company.

They should also ensure they have enough real estate to house his ego.

The most self centered person I have ever met.



I get the marketing message, how does any of that help them compete or increase value? It's still unclear what try actually do. If they go up against Akamai, watch out.

Staci D. Kramer

@NoFaith Conviva offers a "real-time media control platform" that is supposed to help "simply management and delivery of media online." It's also supposed to allow real-time stats during live streaming, help with scaling, etc.


Guess that explains NBC's investment in Conviva. And let's see how the former CTO of a large conglomerate (GE) sub-business and number 3 or 4 TV network does at a startup. Especially with no startup experience.


This should be funny to watch. Worked with his team previously at NBCU and it was challenging to say the least.

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