Sony VAIO X — 1/2 Inch Thin, Hopefully not Atom Onboard

Sony is showing off some new stuff at the IFA in Berlin, and Engadget has reported the announcement of the thin Sony VAIO X netbook. The VAIO X is only half an inch thick and from the photos looks to be very sexy for a notebook. Not much has been shared about the specs, although when pressed, Sony admitted the prototype has an Intel Atom processor. This would make it a very expensive netbook-class device, but Sony indicated they were not locked down on the Atom processor yet. Let’s hope they throw some CULV love in there to go with the 2 GB of RAM, or something else exciting.  The VAIO X only weighs 1.5 pounds due to the use of carbon fiber in the case.  Sony is also touting all day battery life with the 31Whr power pack that “will set the new standard for stamina.” It looks really nice, but please, Sony, no Atom. Mmmm kay?


Image courtesy Engadget


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