Save Screen Space by Replacing Chrome’s Bookmark Bar with a Button

chrome-bookmark-menuSince we’re celebrating Google Chrome’s first birthday today, why not make it a little more useful by wasting a little less real estate? This tip from Download Squad is probably best appreciated on the small screen of a netbook, but my personal opinion is that Chrome is an outstanding browser choice for a netbook. After all, a basic browser should pair with a basic computer like a nice Shiraz and prime rib.

By adding the –bookmark-menu switch to your Chrome executable properties on a Windows machine, you can access your Bookmarks without the wasted space of the Bookmark bar. Instead, Chrome will show a little Bookmark folder button. Click it and you’ll see a vertical listing of your bookmarked sites and folders. Removing the bookmark bar should give you a smidge less scrolling up an down. It’s only 28 pixels, but that adds up over time, no?

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