Nokia N900 Warrants a Close-Up Video Double Feature

Wondering how Maemo 5 will run on the recently announced Nokia N900 smartphone? Wonder no more, thanks to the videos coming from Nokia World. Maemo looks to be running silky smooth and offering the satisfied, full feeling of a fluid mobile operating system. In fact, the model reminds me very much of Palm’s webOS with its multitasking and view of all running programs. Even when viewing all apps and widgets, they’re live in the above video, which is something I’ve come to appreciate on my Pre.

SlashGear has their own hands-on — really hand-on, as Chris is holding the camera in his other hand — which shows the device from pretty much every angle. He’s already not enthused with the three-row keyboard and offset space bar, but I gather that many folks can overlook those potential issues. The device and OS just look too good to universally condemn it for some keys. There is an on-screen keyboard which will help overcome some of the hardware keyboard issues.

(via UMPCPortal)


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