MyTether 2.0 for Pre isn’t Playing Nice with Apple’s New Kitty



While I’m currently paying $60 a month to Verizon Wireless for EVDO, I’m always looking for backup connectivity. I have a $10 Boingo Wireless account I also pay for and I’ve enabled Internet Tethering for my iPhone 3GS. But I do have a 3G radio in my Palm Pre (s palm) as well, so I figured to use the MyTether homebrew application as another “just in case” connection. Note that tethering on either of my handsets is against the terms of service, so I’m enabling these as emergency connections only. I don’t sit around and tether my phone for modem use on a regular basis and the one time I had issues, this approach saved the day.

So yesterday, I decided to upgrade from the original MyTether 1.5 version to the donation-ware version 2.0 using my MacBook running Snow Leopard. It’s a $10 donation and the newer version offers more functionality as well as online support. My purchase transaction went through just fine and I was able to grab the installation file immediately. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the new version to install. It requires the Pre be in Developer Mode and needs Palm Novacom installed, which should be part of the SDK. I’m good on both counts.

Unfortunately, the installation script — which requires Rosetta on Snow Leopard, by the way — is failing. I thought that perhaps I was missing a required component, but after posting my woes on the MyTether forums, I see that other Snow Leopard users are experiencing the same. At the moment, there’s no fix, but I have time to wait. This is, after all, just another backup connection and not a primary one. In any case, if you plan to use MyTether 2.0 and don’t already have it installed, it doesn’t seem like you can install it to your Pre using Snow Leopard at the moment. My advice would be to install it with a Windows PC or a Mac running Leopard. If you already have MyTether installed, I can’t see why it wouldn’t properly tether to a Snow Leopard Mac — the issue is one of installation to your Pre, not with running the app.



Did you try running the install script without the kill commands? You can mark the script for editing, the delete the two kill commands and run again. Worked for me.


This app works great on my Pre and Windows XP Laptop. Although the USB connection is faster than WiFi, it is more of a hassle, as I need to install the inf file each time I boot up or want to use my pre with my laptop. Since I use MyTether for email and Greader (old eyes) Pre screen too small). I believe that since I’m paying for internet access, It should not matter what the screen size is. My old Treo 755P was also tethered to my laptop, but was much slower than the Pre


I know it’s a little more difficult for some, but the alternative solution is to enable dev mode, connect to the Pre via Terminal, and run a one line command and the script will do the rest.

Kevin C. Tofel

Yup, I may need to go that route Joe. I may wait a little bit yet though. Part of the reason I paid the $10 wasn’t just for the version 2.0 features, but for the installer too. ;) I have a backup 3G connection with my iPhone 3GS, so I have time to wait. But if this isn’t fixed before I leave for San Francisco next week, I’ll have to go the command line route. Thanks!

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