Happy Birthday Chrome — 7.23% of Our Readers Use You

jkotr-browser-shareJust as the Opera browser turned 10 yesterday — in terms of versions, that is — Google’s Chrome browser is one year old today. I can’t think of a browser that has generated a more polar view of opinions. Some love it for its speed and simplicity, while others find it too basic. We must have more of the former camp here than the latter because 7.23% of our page views in the last six months were in the Chrome browser. According to The Technologizer, Chrome only holds 2.9% of the overall browser market, so our audience appreciates the simple speediness of Chrome more than your average web user. As a point of reference, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari were used more than Chrome here, with “shares” of 44.61%, 29.05% and 14.43%, respectively. Opera rounds out the major browser usage for our site, holding at 2.44% or nearly one-third that of Google’s Chrome browser. I think the new Opera Turbo feature will help, but I’ll have to take another look in a few months to be sure.

Interesting to me is that Google Chrome has gained market share without many competing features. Although it’s in the works, Chrome is missing official extension support, which is something that gives Firefox a huge advantage over other browsers. Chrome only recently added themes and doesn’t yet offer bookmarking synchronization, although that too, is in the works. By focusing on the basics — a speedy JavaScript engine, a simple interface — combined with a new architecture that offers greater stability, the little Chrome engine that could is marching up the hill. As the browser matures into the “terrible twos,” I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Chrome have a market share above 20%. No, it’s not for everyone. The best browser is the one that meets the individual needs that you and your device have. But even at a relatively immature state, it’s already picking up steam. What happens when it gains a “missing” feature like extension support?


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