Creative Outs Second Gen Vado HD Pocket Camcorder


gI_0_0_VadoBlackRedCreative just announced their second generation Vado HD camcorder but details are light on what “second generation” features might entail. The pocket camcorder still appears to record video in 720p format, looks simple to use and is available in some new color combos and memory capacities. There’s added support for direct movie transport into Mac OS X iMovie  as well as new Vado Central software for the Mac, too. But if you were holding out hope for any advanced features, this press release will still have you hoping.

The new Vado HD is available for pre-order in a 4GB white with green accent color combo or 8GB black with red accent. Pricing is $179 and $199 respectively. After using a similar Kodak Zi6 pocket camcorder with no internal memory — it uses standard SD cards — I highly recommend dropping the extra $20 if you’re interested in a Creative Vado HD. Snapping those high-def videos uses up storage very quickly and without any expansion slots, you’ll likely find the additional $20 well worth the extra 4GB on the more expensive model.

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