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ARCHOS 5 Android Tablet Appears For Sale (Almost)

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ARCHOS 5 Internet TabletThe Android-based ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet is slated to launch on Sept. 15, but an online retailer has jumped the gun, as often happens. Retailer B&H has put the ARCHOS 5 on their site, in several configurations but has removed detailed information. The ARCHOS 5 is the 5-inch slate that uses Android (s goog) to power the handheld web appliance. B&H has removed most of the original information posted (including pricing), but both HDD and SSD models were listed at one time.

When posted on the site, pricing for the ARCHOS 5 ranged from $294 – $420 depending on the configuration, so it’s looking like a decently priced gadget. It’s not clear how well received this will be but it’s nice to see Android appearing in something other than a smartphone.

(via pocketables)

One Response to “ARCHOS 5 Android Tablet Appears For Sale (Almost)”

  1. You create such a nice device and forget to put a web cam on top of it???!!! Gzzz.
    I was hoping to get my 5″ full Skype + GPS this time finally but alas … more waiting for me.