Americans: More Media Consumption and Multitasking

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Not only are Americans consuming more media, according to Nielsen’s latest Three Screen Report, but we are media multitasking as well, watching TV and going online at the same time.

Nielsen Three Screen Q2

Americans spent 141 hours per month watching TV during the second quarter, up 1.5 percent over the same period last year (this figure is down from the 153 hours in the first quarter, but TV viewing is seasonal and lower during the summer). We also spent three hours and 11 minutes a month watching online video, and increase over both last year (two hours, 12 minutes) and the first quarter (three hours).

Nielsen Audience Q2

The audience size for each different media platform grew year-over-year as well. More than 284.3 million people watched TV (up from 281.7 in the second quarter of 2008), nearly 134 million people watched online video (up from 119 million), and 15.2 million mobile subscribers watched video on a mobile phone — up 70 percent over the same period in 2008.

Nielsen simultaneous Q2

The two-screen tango is proving popular with the wired set, as 57 percent of those with Internet access (more than 128 million) were found to watch TV and go online at least once a month, where they spend an average of two hours and 39 minutes. We’re particularly intrigued by this last stat, not only in terms of the impact it has on what people are actually paying attention to while surfing (are they ignoring the show or the ads?), but the opportunities it affords for both storytelling (link for more backstory!) and social TV capabilities (if you are Twittering with friends, you may not want your messages to appear on the TV screen the whole family is gathered around).

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