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Five Strikes Sony Content Deal For Bravia Internet Video Service

By Mark Sweney: Five has struck a deal with Sony (NYSE: SNE) that will see shows, including Neighbours and Home and Away, broadcast on a new video-on-demand service available via the electronics giant’s Bravia television sets launching next year.

Five is the first UK broadcaster to sign a content deal with Sony for its planned Bravia Internet Video service.

The service will allow customers who buy Bravia TVs, Sony Blu-ray Disc Players and Blu-ray home cinema systems to plug in their broadband connection to receive video-on-demand programming.

This partnership, which will initially operate on a trial basis, will see Five shows such as Neighbours, Home and Away, The Hotel Inspector and Extraordinary People made available free to view on the service.

“It’s vital for broadcasters and other industry stakeholders to explore such initiatives if they are to gain a solid footing in the digital world,” said Charles Constable, director of strategy at Five. “We believe this will help us to develop a real understanding of what convergence will mean in practice.”

In the US Sony’s new internet video service has attracted partners including movie streaming giant Netflix and Amazon’s Unbox download service.

“Watching full-length TV programmes on a PC, hunched over a screen can be a solitary experience,” said Nicholas Barendson, head of category marketing at Sony UK. “Bringing on demand [internet protocol] content to the TV is allowing consumers to share these viewing experiences with a greater degree of ease and simplicity.”

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One Response to “Five Strikes Sony Content Deal For Bravia Internet Video Service”

  1. More of the same old, same old

    How many more ways do we need to see nonsense?

    Great now we can see Neighbours 10 different ways, must remember to save it to my Iphone…maybe not

    Why can't Sony or whoever invest in new content and new talent to make their service more compelling and unique?

    Who will take risks?