WWD Screencast: Cluster Tabs Firefox Add-on

I often end up with way too many tabs open at once, particularly when I’m researching a particular topic. To cut down on tab overload, I’m experimenting with a nifty Firefox add-on called Cluster Tabs. In conjunction with a web service, it lets you group tabs together into “clusters.” Once you’ve clustered your tabs, you can then share them with others through Twitter, email, IM, Facebook, etc., via a unique public URL. I recorded a quick screencast to show how it works:

WWD Screencast: Cluster Tabs from WebWorkerDaily on Vimeo.

Cluster Tabs is easy to use, free (the cluster pages have some advertising), doesn’t require registration, and works with Firefox 3+.

Have you tried Cluster Tabs? Did it help you cut down on tab clutter?


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