With Gmail Down, Twitter Strains Under the Stress


As most know, Gmail has had hiccups today and as I write this, is down. While I used to visit blogs for more information when sites like Gmail, YouTube or Facebook stop working, Twitter has become my go-to source for information on how widespread the problem is and what’s being done to fix it. I save my visits to the blogs for later if I need context. However, this only works when Twitter  stays up, and right now, I’m spotting the fail whale. Oh, the irony.


Stacey Higginbotham

Thanks, Jeff. I was out on date with my husband so didn’t get a chance to update the post with the new info. Even after Gmail went down, I managed to keep living my life, although doing my job took a few workarounds :)

Jeff Putz

I went out with my wife and we talked about how people with Crackberries neglect their children at dinner. Great minds think alike!

Harsh Agrawal

Gmail down created a great trend on Twitter.. Even iGoogle was no working…Glad Its back now..Though I hope they will not come up with something like
After Twitter Google got DDOS attack

Jose Figueredo

@ Jeff Putz, ahhhh good old technology is a wonderful thing….email sans a Web browser :-)


iphone pop/imap gmail has stayed up through the gfail hours.

i wonder how many people are firing up stale yahoo.hotmail.rediff accounts right now…

good lesson for a startup as enterprise gmail/docs is down too. maybe just maybe keep a small exchange server around.

Jeff Putz

You can still hit Gmail via POP or IMAP, if you don’t mind busting out a good old fashioned desktop client. Or an iPhone. In that respect, the mail is still flowing at least, even if we can’t get it via the browser.

Stacey Higginbotham

Yes, my BlackBerry has truly supported me though this trying time.

Steve Bell

Stacey, you think that’s bad? I lost my BlackBerry last night; my Gmail is completely down; and my Twitter account has been hijacked. I’m actually getting some work done, though:)

-steve bell | StartupTrek.net | Los Gatos, CA

Stacey Higginbotham

Steve, sorry to hear about your web losses, but glad to hear of your productivity gains :)

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