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Google Taps SpotMixer for DIY In-Stream Video Ads

spotmixerSpotMixer announced today that its do-it-yourself video ad creation service will be integrated within Google (s GOOG) AdWords In-Stream Video Ads. The partnership allows Google AdWords users to create in-stream video ads that can be placed within video on the Google Content Network or YouTube.

SpotMixer’s technology automatically converts an advertiser’s AdWords copy into a customized video ad template that can be further tailored with photos, video and voiceover. With SpotMixer on Google, advertisers can create 15- or 30-second ads that can be distributed as pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll spots.

Google and SpotMixer have been bosom ad buddies for a while now. Google has been recommending SpotMixer for over a year for the Google TV Ads service, and SpotMixer became a Google AdWords reseller in January of this year.

Competitors in the self-service video ad creation space include Jivox and Mixpo.

Elsewhere in Google ad land, the company is trying to extract more dollars from the entertainment industry by including video in plain-text search ads, Ad Age reports. The “video plus box” link below a standard keyword ad brings up a clip, with Google getting paid if the user watches 10 seconds of the video or clicks through. The goal is to entice entertainment companies to spend more on search, an ad sector they haven’t embraced yet.