Google Chrome Coming to a Sony VAIO Near You


Google Chrome logoThe browser wars took a turn, with reports that Google (s goog) has inked a deal with Sony (s sne) to pre-install the Chrome web browser on new VAIO computers. This marks the first deal that Google has signed with a hardware vendor to get Chrome involved in consumers’ OOBE (out of box experience).

Google has come to terms with the fact that mainstream consumers, not those who follow the tech world, end up using whatever browser is installed on the new computer they take home. I see this all the time, and whenever I ask my non-techie friends which browser they use, I often get a confused look in response. It is evident that many “regular” people do not even think about what a browser is. I have to follow up with another question — whether they use Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. They almost always get it at that point, and answer that they use IE. The question “why” always gets the standard “because that’s what was on the computer.”

This deal with Sony means Google has the chance to become the browser “that is on the computer.” It is a win for Google — and most likely not the last deal it makes with OEMs.



This is not newsworthy. Microsoft should be laughing at Sony by this move. Sony has a very unsophisticated set of managers running the VAIO organization and they are getting killed in the PC business frankly because they do not understand how to execute or plan products and they know it. This is a shameless way of grabbing whatever money they can get and not really about offerings products with value. Profit to them is whoever give them money, they put on the products. Additionally, little does Sony understand that having the browser, search and toolbar capabilities will allow them to take more ownership of the consumer directly, while taking revenue from Sony, further putting Sony at a disadvantage. Google will learn that they’ve wasted over $60M in this deal as the reach (which represents more search revenue for Google), will only decline, decline and decline until Sony is out of this business with current management and strategy. This decision to put Chrome crapware has officially sealed my decision to never buy a VAIO PC again, and I will definitely tell as many of my friends not to touch these VAIOs again either.

James Kendrick

Generally if we write about Gmail being down it’s back up by the time we publish. The fact is, email is all hosted on servers and they go down occasionally.

When I was in the corporate world it was a frequent comment heard in the hallways that “email is down again”. These were Exchange Server email systems and they go down too.

When I had my own hosted Exchange Server solution, which was very reliable, I still had to deal with ISP outages and lack of connectivity from time to time. Same effect, sometimes bad stuff happens.

In my experience Gmail is down far less frequently and for less time than other methods I have seen.


That’s what we need Sony, more crapware installed on your PCs to slow them down. Idiots.

K. T. Bradford

I’ve never understood people’s mindsets on this. Maybe they just don’t know about browser alternatives, but they must know about the problems associated with IE. Right?

Also, I admit I’m not a fan of Chrome. I love the speed and the extra screen real estate it gives, but it doesn’t even have the functionality of the Google Bar plugin for Firefox, which I depend on a lot.


tried chrome ,a joke over 100 megs to use of ram n ,slow,no user interface not my choice of a browser sony on a sinking ship with this one dont ,think it go with new windows 7 ,vista is a dead duck already very few like it, it was forced on pc makers by microsoft,another joke


I’ve tried Google’s Chrome browser and I must say I’m not impressed. I don’t see this as a plus for Sony at all.


I couldn’t agree more. This is just more bloatware and I fail to see why this is getting any positive press.

Chrome is a terrible browser lacking basic configuration or useability. I don’t see how this is any different to the deals that Google have signed with other OEMs to have their toolbars and desktop crapware installed on PCs.

This is just another reason to avoid Sony laptops IMO.


I absolutely repent talking to non-techie people about tech, even if they ask me to help them with something tech-related.

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