Report: Surveying the Mobile App Store Landscape


The mobile content distribution industry began to undergo a seismic shift last year with the launch of Apple’s App Store, and a host of competitors from across the mobile spectrum are in various stages of following Apple’s lead.

Google was first with Android Market, which is built on an open-source platform backed by a consortium of dozens of key players in wireless. Research In Motion jumped on the bandwagon in recent weeks with its BlackBerry App World, and Microsoft, Nokia and Palm –- among others — are set to launch offerings this year.

Colin Gibbs takes a look (subscription required) at the major players in the application-distribution model and looks at how the trend will affect carriers, handset manufacturers, developers, content owners and end users. He also examines key factors that will contribute to the success or failure of specific app stores, general shortcomings in the new app-store model, what solutions are already needed and how the space will evolve over the next several years.

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Five years ago, before there was an App Store and everyone “copied” it… there was the Sidekick Catalog/”Download Fun.”

Just sayin’.

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