Palm Pre Homebrew Apps of the Day — fileCoaster, Pack ‘N Track

fcoaster_2009-05-08_182606We have two homebrew apps of the day for the Palm Pre, which brings the total current count to 170 titles. To tell the truth, we’ve covered both of these before, but both have recent updates worth a mention. The first is the great app fileCoaster, which is the program that makes finding, downloading and installing homebrew apps a snap. It makes our list today because a new version has recently been released and it adds some useful new features.

Version 1.1.3 of fileCoaster provides more detailed status messages at the bottom of the screen while the program is running, so you have a better idea what is going on at all times. It also adds the ability to sort the apps by fields — such as name, rating and date updated, for example — ┬áso it’s easier to navigate the increasing number of apps in the catalog.

The second homebrew app of the day is one we’ve covered quite a bit. Kevin and I absolutely love the app PrePackage — a shipment tracking program that is as good as these types of utilities get. It makes our list today because the developer has updated the app and changed the name to Pack ‘N Track. This update and name change is in preparation of leaving homebrew status for submission into the official Pre App Catalog. This likely means the program will start costing something, so if you haven’t already installed PrePackage then get it while it’s free. Just remember it is now Pack ‘N Track.

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