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Freelance Camp: Coming Soon to a City Near You

fc-1Not long ago, I wrote about TDWcamp, a BarCamp-like event for web workers held in Paris a few months ago. It was useful, edifying and a ton of fun. Today, while browsing some showcase articles at Smashing Magazine, I discovered Freelance Camp, a network of freelancers who hold BarCamp-like meetings worldwide. I was surprised I hadn’t heard of Freelance Camp, but it turns out  it was launched just last year.

The first event was a camp in Santa Cruz, Calif., and there have been five of them held in various cities so far. Similar to BarCamps and other unconferences, the agenda is flexible in order to promote learning and free exchange of ideas:

“The concept is easy. Show up. Express interests and ask questions. Break into small groups and exchange knowledge. Become a better freelancer.”

Upcoming camps will be taking place in D.C., Sacramento, Calif., and a couple in Nevada, as well as in India, Italy and a few in Germany.


The network is asking people to help getting Freelance Camps going on every continent. You can go to the Register page on the site to join an upcoming camp, or learn how to organize your own.

Note that the group also uses a number of social media tools for networking and exchange. You can join their Facebook group, their LinkedIn group and follow them on Twitter, too.

See you there!

Are you planning on attending a Freelance Camp or setting one up in your city?

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