Fox to Launch “Tweet-Peat” TV

gleeonfoxFOX (s NWSA) will be adding a social media spin to repeats of Glee and Fringe, integrating Twitter alongside the shows. These so-called tweet-peats will feature Twitter messages from show cast members and from viewers watching at home.

During the episodes, audiences can follow the tweets from and either online or via a scroll of messages that will appear on the TV screen. Fringe stars Joshua Jackson and John Noble and Glee‘ers Kevin McHale and Lea Michele will Tweet with episode commentary, behind-the-scenes details, and answer select fan questions posted to Twitter.

Plans for Twitter to take over our TV screens have been happening all summer long. MTV’s What You’re Watching with Alexa Chung, E!, CNN, and the forthcoming Aisha Tyler Show all incorporate Twitter messaging. Not to mention Verizon (s VZ) FiOS launching its TV-based Twitter app.

Thankfully, IBM is working on that special remote control that lets users tweet from their seats.

The Fringe tweet-peat airs Thursday at 9 p.m., and the Glee-peat airs Friday at 9 p.m..