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Marvel-ous Future For Disney?

In the works for roughly three months, the Disney (NYSE: DIS) deal to acquire Marvel Entertainment (NYSE: MVL) has analysts fretting about premiums — and comics fans freaking about a future of Captain America Meets Tinkerbell. We’re likely months away from a close or from anything that might affect the Marvel roster but why put off speculating about what the deal really means …

Does Marvel have autonomy? Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter will report to Iger. How much after that is written into the fine print could be in the merger agreement, which hasn’t been filed with the SEC yet, but people at both companies familiar with the thinking say a lot is riding on trust — as in “it would be crazy” (a phrase I heard often) for Iger and Disney to do anything that would muck up the creative integrity of a company they’re paying $4 billion to get. The broader deal was still being worked out overnight as Disney and Marvel prepared for Monday’s early announcement, and they have three or four months to work out the fine points. During the pitch to analysts, CFO Tom Staggs said: “We believe in the creative team at Marvel and don