Android Developer Still Optimistic Despite Making A Paltry $62.39 A Day


Credit: Larva Labs

Larva Labs, a New York-based developer that makes apps for the Sidekick, iPhone and Android platforms, released its sales figures today for Google’s Android Market to make the point that sales aren’t exactly taking off like a rocket.

Larva lists a number of problems with the app store that are likely resulting in a poor performance, but still remains optimistic because of future device launches by Motorola (NYSE: MOT) and others, and changes Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is planning to implement regarding the store.

Larva’s Android revenues and list of complaints after the jump…

The company said today on its blog that it has four apps, two of which are actually ranked pretty high and have been featured by Google in the Market and online (typically a huge success factor for the iPhone). Both of the games — RetroDefense and Battle for Mars — sell for $4.99, which they admit is on the upper end of the price range. To that end, in August, Larva said total sales for all four apps averaged $62.39 a day. In other words, “Very difficult to buy the summer home at this rate.”

It’s not just Larva. They reference the well-known iPhone game Trism, which sold more than $250,000 in its first two months on Apple’s App Store. They ported the game over to Android, and to date, has sold 500 copies, generating about $1,046 in revenues.

Larva says the slow growth likely has something to do with the a fairly lengthy list of Android Market shortcomings. In fact, there’s at least five: no screenshots allowed; a 325 character limit for the description; Google checkout is the only payment option; Apps are hard to find, especially paid apps; and tech glitches are common, such as stalled downloads or credit card verification delays.

Still, they remain a bit optimistic. “We

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