10 Electric Car Smart Charging Players to Watch

[qi:_earth2tech] Mass deployment of electric vehicles isn’t just about cars and kilowatt-hours, but technology. After all, it will take wireless networks and software to help manage charging in a way that minimizes strain on the power grid and maximizes use of clean power sources like solar and wind. To that end, a group ranging from startups to software giants are racing to develop the technology for this “smart charging” infrastructure.

While it’s too early to tell which visions and business models for smart charging technologies will pan out, a number of developers are worth keeping an eye on as they begin deploying this infrastructure. One player plans to connect an onboard transmitting unit through mobile networks to a global data center, another is working on an iPhone app to offer remote control of battery charging, and a third will provide tech for connecting charging controllers to a smart meter via Zigbee-based technology. Check out all 10 over on Earth2Tech.


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