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Weekly App Store Picks: Aug. 29, 2009


Snow Leopard isn’t the only exciting release this week, as ever there are tons of new additions to the App Store. Here are my top picks from the week’s releases.

This week I’ve been looking at iWound, Star6, Gangstar: West Coast Hustle and Tasker.

app_icon_iWoundiWound ($4.99)
If I’m not in the mood for gaming or tweeting, I tend to head over to the ‘reading’ section of my iPhone. Amongst others, I can keep up with the latest global happenings using the official New York Times app, pore over the pages of a classic book with Kindle or jump headfirst into an adventure with Comics. However, there’s nothing there to sate my creative appetite if I’m looking for a little art, fashion, architecture or design. Created by Wound, this app presents the perfect platter of visual creativity, a feast for the eyes and nourishment for your brain, all packaged in digital magazine form. The app’s current theme is ‘La Grande Illusion’, a concept which manifests itself by exploring awesome electro lady Peaches, New York artist Amy Bessone, London designer Marios Schwab and David Rockwell, award winning architect behind the Kodak Theatre.

app_icon_star6Star6 ($6.99)
It’s always a good week when a new sound toy worthy of recommending is released on iPhone. While RjDj and Bloom have the artistic sound-installation side of things covered, Star6 has arrived twirling its glow sticks and stomping its feet — this is a sound toy for folk who just want to dance. The app packs in a stack of samples, alongside an array of different options for manipulating the onslaught of audio. Although you can upload and play with your own samples, there are six sample packs included, covering hip hop, drum and bass, electro and other mild headache-inducing (yet sonically adorable) sound effects. Those familiar with music production and sound manipulation will be pleased to hear that there’s a granular synthesis-powered audio engine, allowing you to control pitch, speed, gate, sample order and randomness. However, even the last sentence sounded like jargon to you, you’ll still find it’s fun to open the app, start tapping buttons and see what kind of weird rhythms you’re able to generate.

app_icon_gangstarGangstar: West Coast Hustle ($6.99)
A few months back Payback was released for iPhone. The app did a convincing enough impression of GTA 2 to warrant recommending, however after extended play it left me wanting so much more. With the release of the iPhone 3GS, games can now push previous technological boundaries even further. Gangstar uses the iPhone’s usual touch ‘n’ tilt interaction, but takes advantage of the iPhone 3GS — a faster device that’s packing better graphics than its predecessor. What results is the iPhone’s answer to GTA3: a fully 3D, free roaming, automobile heist adventure. The game includes 50 missions, an armory of weaponry, and an entire city to cruise around in — more than enough for a lazy Sunday of iPhone gaming.

app_icon_taskerTasker ($2.99)
If you’re all about productivity but you’ve got a hectic on-the-go kinda lifestyle, Tasker may be just the app for you. The app touts itself as a “simple, yet powerful task manager”, yet it’s so much more than that. By keeping the app’s focus solely on task lists, the app’s designer, Scott Sykora, has excelled in creating a task manager that’s easy to use and incredibly powerful. Tasks can be ordered by date or place, allowing you to drill-down to a specific day and plan out your schedule on a map, viewing and sorting tasks in specific locations. As if that wasn’t enough, task-entry has been refined into a fast, yet effective process. There’s a variety of tools out there for managing your tasks via the iPhone, Tasker is certainly worth considering for it’s simplicity and potential effectiveness.

That’s all for this week. I’ll be back in seven days with more news from the week and picks from the App Store.

In the meantime, what apps have you been using this week?

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  1. Tasker sounds like a great app to have to keep all of your stuff organized. I’ll have to check it out. I’ve been using Things to keep track of to-do lists, but maybe I’ll try this instead. For a current review of the Things app, take a look at

  2. Do you know of any iPhone apps that allow you to change the star ratings on your photos? In the iPod app, I can change star ratings for individual songs — seems like an obvious oversight that I can’t do the same with photos. Hoping someone’s created an app that fills this gap!