Scotty Iseri Leaves His Office Job: A Victory for Freelancers Everywhere


[show=sgaoj size=large]The freelancer vs. office dweller dilemma is a profound one: Office dwellers resent the freelancer’s daytime freedom and ability to work in their pajamas, while for freelancers concepts like “vacation days” and “health insurance” are fairy tales they remember vaguely from their youth. And it’s just that quandary which Scotty Iseri, a longtime freelancer (specializing in music and sound work) who finally decided to take a walk on the cubicle side, found ripe for comedic potential.

The Scotty Got an Office Job series (complete with its own catchy theme song) began last fall as short 1-minute episodes capturing the mundanities of office life while actually at the office. Having already put things like his wedding proposal online, the idea of vlogging in a psuedo-realistic manner about his office job doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch for Iseri, though it quickly takes on a fantastical element.

For while in the early episodes of Season 1, he quickly grasps what’s fantastic about office jobs — specifically, free food and drink — it doesn’t take long for the downsides (time-wasting meetings and that guy who talks about sports all the time) to start getting to him.

Hence the need to give his days a Kids in the Hall-esque spin and create anime-style faceoffs against his soda machine nemesis. Using a Flip camera and his laptop’s webcam, Iseri manages to get an impressive range of footage while on the clock, including the occasional episode that reveals how real the show actually is.

You watch the series and wonder just how much longer he can get away with putting it together, and the answer is, of course, “not much more than a year.” In Episode 18 of season two, Scotty’s employers finally notice that their employee had been dancing on the job, and in Episode 19, he’s terminated after his boss discovers his videos via Laughing Squid.

While he was later offered his job back, at the beginning of August, Scotty presented the stunning season two finale in which he tells his boss (SPOILER ALERT!) that he’s going to return to freelance work. The episode also teases a third season — intriguingly titled Scotty Got an Aussie Job — that’s due in October.

Perhaps Scotty’s tale is a cautionary one, especially in this uncertain economy. But the series’ very existence is one that proves perhaps there are some people who are meant to wear grown-up pants in an office, and there are some people who aren’t. And for the latter, Scotty is an inspiration.

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