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OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Officially Available Today

OSX_snow_leopardIt’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Today, Apple (s aapl) officially launches the latest milestone update to its Mac OS X operating system. “Snow Leopard” is the fifth major update to the operating system since it was launched in 2001. Apple has spent the last year tweaking and refining just about every line of code in the entire operating system and the result is a far leaner, meaner animal.

We’ve been covering the rumors, news and leaks on Snow Leopard for what feels like forever. For a whistle-stop tour of how 10.6 has developed over the year and what new features and functionality it brings, follow these links to learn about:

  • How much weight Snow Leopard has lost -– system apps are much smaller than ever before now all that old PPC code is a thing of the past.
  • How the Finder and Dock have been tweaked to make navigating your files faster and easier than ever before.
  • Under-the-hood additions, tweaks and tune-ups that make Snow Leopard the most powerful and sophisticated Mac OS X yet.
  • Changes to Apple’s venerable QuickTime media software.
  • The introduction of native support for Microsoft Exchange.
  • The revolutionary new multicore management technology Grand Central Dispatch.

Finally, just in case you’re not sure where to get started when you upgrade, check out Jon Buy’s Upgrade Strategy: Getting Ready for Snow Leopard and Chris Ryan’s Snow Leopard: The Installation Process.

Of course, in the interest of fair and balanced reporting, you could always read Dave Greenbaum’s Why I’ll Wait on Snow Leopard, and Why Maybe You Should Too.

But of course, you won’t be doing a Greenbaum. You’ll be rushing out to buy your copy. And why not? It’s cheap. If you are upgrading from Leopard (and maybe even if not), a single-installation license will cost only $29. For a 5-license Family Pack, it’s just $49.

Bottom line: It runs faster than Leopard. It gives you back a lot of hard drive space. It’s packed full of next-generation technology and it’s a lot cheaper than the competition. Snow Leopard is available now.

15 Responses to “OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Officially Available Today”

  1. mdbookworm

    Any idea when the Snow Leopard Up-to-Date program is supposed to kick in? I ordered in June (when I bought my new MBP) and the status page still says “Backordered” – no shipping date specified yet. I guess I’ll give them a call and see what the story is…

    • I ordered mine via up-to-date early last week and they told me that it shipped on the 27th (regular mail). I imagine they wanted to make sure that people who paid for overnight got it the same day as people who bought in-store, especially considering the fact that most stores seem to be selling it for only $25.

  2. OpenThreads

    I’ve had Snow Leopard installed since noon today. So far, no problems. I had to install rosetta because of my Epson scanner monitor…but the system told me that I needed to do it, and then installed it for me automatically.

    My Parallels 4.0, VMWare Fusion (with Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux clients), Office 2008 Pro, Adobe Creative Suite CS4 (Photoshop, etc.), Thunderbird, Firefox, iView MediaPro, Canon Digital Photo Professional, Canon ImageBrowser, Canon EOS Utility, X11 (regular & full screen XDMCP to my linux box Ubuntu 9.04 KDE desktop), Cisco VPN Client, Adobe Lightroom 2.4 are all working fine.

    There’s an Aperture update that just came out today that I installed.

    So far, so good.